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September 05 2013

The Corgi gifs (in rebloggable form by request)

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August 14 2013

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Giola Lagoon, Island of Thassos, Greece

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natalie dormer hair porn, pt. 1

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I realized the other day that the shaving of her head means that we will be getting:

  • Ginger Peach Fuzz (already evident above)
  • Pixie!Karen
  • A bob of some sort
  • Possibly a mohawk or something, even if it’s 1 tweet from a salon
  • All sorts of fun stages of hair growth
  • Remember when Emma Watson chopped off all her hair and she had a new adorable hairstyle every two weeks?
  • It’s like that, only GINGERIER. 

can I just say that Karen Gillan has like a really pretty head

I can’t explain how exactly but it’s just very nicely shaped ok

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if I ever get my book published and it has a section on FF.N you can bet your fuckin asses I’m going to be posting my own secretly canon fanfiction and never telling anybody

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